A Conversation With Myself

Poetry while under the influence of coffee

Today, I sit down with myself,
coffee in hand, mind on demand,
simply pondering what is to come.
The rain has eased and my anxiety
floats somewhere between the grey clouds
and a completed workout that lingered in
procrastinations arms just long enough
to deliver endorphins. I quickly review my life,
a cycle of beginnings and endings.
Of Hello’s that always end in Goodbyes.
It seems my worries do not align
with the outlook I perceive for myself.
Classic Jess. Classic mess.
I wrestle with the call
to just take what I can get, but
somewhere inside, I know with the
years that have passed me by, I
have now earned an answer worthy
of more respect. To stand taller in my
reflection and answer myself gently,
and with care, to look to the sky
and let my worries wash away with
the changes that will inevitably come.
I let go of the warrior light and step into
a place where I am not required
to hold my stance. I let my guard
down now, so I can feel the relief
of what it is to not use self-punishment
as my weapon forward.
Today, I am in agreement with myself,
the world tastes better when I am
not fighting my shadow.

Jess is my real name. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, take a sip anyway. Slightly esoteric. Mainly poetics. Journey with me.

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