Jess is my real name. Writing from sandy shores in-between the chaos of life. Community worker by day and P o e t e s s all other times. Journey with me.

Flash Fiction

Author Image

It’s our night, just you and me. We’re seated comfortably, watching the flicker of the candle in the middle of the, not so stable, table. The french doors are opened wide tonight, allowing our faces to feel the gentle sea breeze.

An acoustic guitarist is playing a soft, romantic, tune…

A Poem

Author Image — Rafiki (meaning “friend” in Swahili) my jumper by “Electro Threads”

“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.” — Joseph Chilton Pearce.

Peer into me,
hold your gaze upon
the fringes of our edges,
c r o s s the barriers, be free,
hands to head, hip to hip,
eyes to screen and hands to pen.
Let us b l e n d our creativity,
from mountains to fingertips,
relationships and beyond,
tap, tap, t a…

Wild Flower

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