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Jess is my real name. Writing from sandy shores in-between the chaos of life. Community worker by day and P o e t e s s all other times. Journey with me.

An update from your Editor

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Dear readers and writers of wwtg,
wherever you are in the world, grab your drink of choice and join in. Kick up your feet and unwind into your place of comfort. Chuck on your mellow tunes and let yourself drift with it. Take that thirty minutes you’ve dreamed of all day and do that thing you love. Life is yours in this moment. Bathe in it.

While many things are uncertain, hope remains the same. Brimming in our cups and filling us with a base that is always welcome. A home to turn to when the world is in a…

Flash Fiction

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It’s our night, just you and me. We’re seated comfortably, watching the flicker of the candle in the middle of the, not so stable, table. The french doors are opened wide tonight, allowing our faces to feel the gentle sea breeze.

An acoustic guitarist is playing a soft, romantic, tune in the distance. It fills the restaurant with a velvet-like vibe, that is undoubtedly dancing its way to the rolling waves adjacent.

I know you’ve already made a mental assessment of the measurements required to fix this stability issue with our table. We both ignore it.

A Poem

Image by WF

An unexpected surprise
of oceans under eyelids,
of smiles so naturally wide
I have to pause to
b r e a t h e between
the moments that feel like
years in the making.

Organically we synchronise,
savouring the magic pressed
between each touch of
lips gliding tongues to lips,
the drips of skin on skin
and the heat of the moment
that lingers long after
the arrival.

You untangle me,
you hold me closer now
and the silence is a comfort,
a moment of pure, sensual bliss.
Your hand is still in mine
and I am okay to drift.

In Contemplation

My new local beach. Photo by Wild Flower

Sometimes, these words they rest on the tongues tip, buried deep in the abyss of everything I wanted to say, but didn't.

Everything I wanted to dream without providing myself the allowance of believing it was possible. The glimmer of hope and the alignment of internal stars.

The mapping of myself.

It was only the sky that was listening, ever briefly, she nudged me and I swear at that moment it was the closest I've felt to being embraced for all that I am.

This is when it hit me, go where the wind carries you, walk with the sea…

Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

Soft and heavy, middle sweet
finer moments within the beat
toes will wriggle heads will bind
I’ll keep sipping on this lilac wine

Brightness sweeps honeyed eyes
unleashed hips tingling thighs
notes are heavy sight is blind
I’ll dance it out with lilac wine

Splendor rises through the vein
tears escape, and smiles remain
freedom wrapped ignite divine
I’ll inspire you with lilac wine

Flowing dress twirling delight
twinkling s t a r s into the night
summer whispers read the signs
I’ll keep sipping this lilac wine

If you like what you read, consider my publication on your follow…

Updated as of July 2021

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General Submissions Now Open.

Welcome to Where Wild Things Grow. This publication follows the theme of wild. Think nature and our connection to it, the safety of a tree, or the sound of crashing waves. Think authentic growth (not listicles or self-help articles, sorry). Here, I prefer work that expresses the real you, the authentic you, the you that yearns to step out and be proud of your wild. Think connection to an undeniable source, the magic in nature, your unconventional magical powers, and your silent suffering.

Sometimes this may mean your work is revealing the pain in your chest, the rumbles of darkness…

A Poem

Author Image — Rafiki (meaning “friend” in Swahili) my jumper by “Electro Threads”

“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.” — Joseph Chilton Pearce.

Peer into me,
hold your gaze upon
the fringes of our edges,
c r o s s the barriers, be free,
hands to head, hip to hip,
eyes to screen and hands to pen.
Let us b l e n d our creativity,
from mountains to fingertips,
relationships and beyond,
tap, tap, t a p p i n g away
our worries into
keyboards that find the time
to write from s k y to d r e a m s
to the in-betweens of
nine to fives that get us by,

Be our overnight
caffeinated adventures,
the wide-eyed tomorrow


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Sinking, please just
s u s p e n d me
I’m screaming into the mist
no f o o t i n g beneath me to
see ahead of myself.

T o r n pages surround me
my story is in all its
d glory.

Caught in the wind of
the darkening sky
that does not lend me
moonlight tonight.

I’m clutching myself
stiff from the
frightening sounds
b e a t i n g
into the sides of me.

Not a single breath
is taken, my chest is
a frozen cavity

Let me be real with you

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I’m going to be real with you,
this life can be challenging,
it can be grueling at times.
There will be days, when
you need to f i g h t for your rights.
There will be days, when
the war w i t h i n will be raging,
where an event s h a k e s
all that you believed in.
You’ll fall in love and lose it,
only to pick it up again
and revel in its m e s s.
Yes, defining it all
will be exhausting.
But I want you to remember
to look to the stars when you’re
fa l l I n g…

Wild Flower

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