A Poem

Image by WF

An unexpected surprise
of oceans under eyelids
of smiles so naturally wide
I have to pause to
b r e a t h e between
the moments that feel like
years in the making.

Organically we synchronize
savoring the magic pressed
between each touch of
lips gliding tounges to lips
the drips of skin on skin
and the heat of the moment
that lingers long after
the arrival.

You untangle me,
you hold me closer now
and the silence is a comfort
a moment of pure, sensual bliss.
Your hand is still in mine
and I am okay to drift.

In Contemplation

My new local beach. Photo by Wild Flower

Sometimes, these words they rest on the tongues tip, buried deep in the abyss of everything I wanted to say, but didn't.

Everything I wanted to dream without providing myself the allowance of believing it was possible. The glimmer of hope and the alignment of internal stars.

The mapping of myself.

It was only the sky that was listening, ever briefly, she nudged me and I swear at that moment it was the closest I've felt to being embraced for all that I am.

This is when it hit me, go where the wind carries you, walk with the sea…

A Free Verse

Author Image — Australian Natives

Let the will of your desire
a s c e n d
let it grow wings and fly
let it soar into the sky
and dine with the clouds
looking down at the earth’s
b u r n t c r u s t.

Let your view be different,
let it be what it must
through your lens.
Open your eyes wide
and let your version
of the world pitter-patter
across mountains
and all the beautiful
places you’ve long
to reach.

Paint yourself and others with your finest colors be not afraid to speak of your dreams they’re waiting in…

Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

Soft and heavy, middle sweet
finer moments within the beat
toes will wriggle heads will bind
I’ll keep sipping on this lilac wine

Brightness sweeps honeyed eyes
unleashed hips tingling thighs
notes are heavy sight is blind
I’ll dance it out with lilac wine

Splendor rises through the vein
tears escape, and smiles remain
freedom wrapped ignite divine
I’ll inspire you with lilac wine

Flowing dress twirling delight
twinkling s t a r s into the night
summer whispers read the signs
I’ll keep sipping this lilac wine

If you like what you read, consider my publication on your follow…

A Poem

Image by WF

Hello, my dear, I’ll wait for you here at the waters e d g e, I’ll watch it flicker as the storm approaches, I’ll close my eyes and dream your hand in mine, come hail or shine we got this, just follow my call I p r o m i s e to let you in. Be mine when the sun shines, stay when it disappears when it frays our motivation. U n w i n d in me when you need safety, open your chest when I need mine. We don’t have it all but what we have is…

Experimental Micro Fiction

Image by WF — Champagne Pools, Fraser Island

At that moment she was infinite, her innocence evident in the way she danced across the rockpool. The innate tug of all that was and all that could be condensed into a single timeline of release. She had her whole life ahead of her, but, it was just the ocean and her at play for today.

Unbeknownst to her, this would be an organic memory, strategically placed in her mind’s eye for the storms ahead. One of nature’s many gifts.

A Poem

Image By Author

Darling girl,
I want you to listen to me,
I need you to hold my hand
as I speak.

Do not look to him
for proof of your
e x i s t e n c e.
Step away, now,
view yourself from a
d i s t a n c e.

F a t h e r is not a title
he is worthy of wearing.
Let this be his burden.
You can be the
d a u g h t e r
he never wanted, or,
the woman who
knows her worth.

Be the wild in that flower…

Steve, I'm elated to see something entirely different that offers insight, originality and includes traditional Australian language. The POV is both fascinating and hard hitting.

The creek tells an incredible story of Australian history that needs to be read, to say I'm proud to host it here would be an understatement.

Thank you for your submission, and for choosing WWTG to house this incredibly important piece of writing.

You're so welcome, Ray.

What I lack, academically, I make up for creatively (I think) but I really admire your ability to essay me into the palm of your point of view (the boundaries of poetry). This is Something I have been particularly shy about addressing in my work.

Brilliantly conveyed, as mentioned (no blowing smoke) something I will, indeed, refer to.

Admittedly, I had to look up the meaning of inestimably. I'm so happy to be learning something new every day.

How can I not smile, now, when I have someone I respect immensely, enjoy my work and genuinely smile back at me?

This journey is truly amazing some days


*Inserts hugs* because that is how I roll. Thank you for rolling with me :)

A Poem

Author Image

I climbed the walls of myself, I s c r a t c h e d the fear until the bones revealed themselves. I s p r a w l e d them out, viewed them from a distance. Days passed and I watched the sun, I, now the witness, observed the shine a c r o s s them, brittle and bare they endured the heat. The rise and fall of light, it held absolutely no bearing. The beauty of the darkened sky glittered in twinkles was of no consequence. The blind lead the blind as the rain hailed…

Wild Flower

Jess is my real name. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, take a sip anyway. Slightly esoteric. Mainly poetics. Journey with me.

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